What is a Blog? | how to create blog

What is a Blog: To create a profitable blog of yours, first of all you have to understand the basic of blogging such as :-

  • What is Blog?
  • Why is a blog created?
  • What are the benefits of creating a blog?
  • And how to earn money by creating a blog?

What is a Blog – What is Blog?

Blog Looks like a website which is one or the other Niche (topic) and articles are published in the blog related to the same niche. Whenever a user searches for any information on the Internet, many results come in front of him such as :-

You get all these results from some blog or the other, when you click on any one of those results, then you reach the blog where full information has been given about it.

On most of the Internet, we take the help of google to search any information. google just one search engine Whose job is to show you the right information in front of you in Top Result.

For this, Google collects information from Publish Blog and Website on the Web, this blog and website can be created by any of us and can publish information on different types of topics in it.

of Google users search intent By understanding them, he looks at the blog or website for correct and accurate information, in which his complete and correct information is given.

Note:- The main task of creating a blog is to reach your information through the Internet to those people who want to know that information, are interested in that.

What is a Blog: Why blogs are made :-

There are many benefits of creating a blog, so in today’s time, whether it is a company, any celebrity, a businessman or a single individual person, all make their own blog.

Everyone has their own objectives for creating a blog such as:-

Companies Blog

Companies create a blog to get information about their products and services to reach their customers, to give new offers and discounts, to tell about new launches and to stay connected with their customers.


In the earlier times, Blog was used as a personal diary where people were famous in front of the whole world by writing their thoughts. Blog is a very good medium to reach information about themselves to the people.

Nowadays celebrities also make blogs to take their lifestyle and stay connected with their fans.

Business Blog

Business Blog Like we mentioned above, blog is a very good way to reach your information to those people who are interested in the information given by you, so through blog you can promote your business products and services and promote your business. can grow.

Affiliate blog

if you affiliate marketing If you know about blogging, blogging is a very good way to earn money by promoting affiliate products and services.


Individual Blog

By choosing a topic according to his interest and knowledge, any person can make a blog on it and can earn money from his blog by making a blog sitting at home. There are many ways to earn money from a blog which we will discuss in the next chapter.

Advantages of creating a blog from the point of view of an Individual Blogger: –

Paise wish

Blogging The best way to earn money online sitting at home is by creating a blog and you can use it from any Ads Network. monetize Paise can work by getting it done, Affiliate MarketingYou can earn money by selling services and ebooks, as well as sponsored ads, guest posts, backlinks and many more to earn money by creating a blog.

learn skill

Blogging is an online business model that you do a lot of work to make it successful, such as Content WritingKeyword Research, Home Page design, SEO, Google Analytics, Competitor analysis, Google Ranking and more.

All these skills are in great demand in today’s time, by giving their services, you can earn money by charging a lot of fee from the client and start your services business.


You can become famous by blogging, you can earn a name all over the world by winning the hearts of people with the blackness of your writing.


Social Media Influencer

After creating a blog, we promote our blog in social media, which we make an audience according to our niche in social media and there are more chances that we social media influencer also become.

Own Boss

Blogging is a business in which you are your own boss, here you do not have to listen to anyone, work according to your mind, make your own goals and earn as much money as you want.

Unlimited Earning

There is no maximum limit to earn money from a blog, you can earn as much money as you want from a blog, it depends on your research, planning and your hard work.

What is a Blog

Blog in Hindi: How to make a blog? And what needs to be done to make a profitable blog? To know this, you should read this website completely, here there is a lot of information related to blogging, from which you can also make a profitable blog of your own.

There are two famous platforms for creating a blog. wordpress And Blogger, you can create your blog from any platform, but for a professional blogging, you should create a blog from WordPress itself.


There are many important steps in creating a blog, such as choosing the right niche, choosing the right blogging platform, taking a domain name, doing keyword research, writing SEO friendly articles, blog promotion, Google Ranking, monetization and finally money by sending traffic to the blog. wish.

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