30 Interesting Facts About Blogging and the Internet

30 Interesting Facts About Blogging and the Internet Internet has not been invented for many days, but if you ask any person about the Internet in the present era, then he will easily tell you about it. Today in this post we are going to discuss about Internet only and I am going to tell you amazing facts related to Internet and Blogging. You will be very surprised to know interesting facts about the Internet and you will get good information about it.

30 Interesting Facts About Blogging and the Internet

No one is unaware of the Internet these days. Even the child knows about it. Internet has become a necessity in today’s era and it has also changed everyone’s life. People use this to know or get information about anything. People have benefited a lot from this and its effect is so much on the people that if people like us do not use the internet even for a day, then the mind feels sad.
To entertain, we use Songs, Movies, Music, Comedy, etc. on the Internet. We do watching and if we talk about communication, then through internet you can do live video calling, chatting with your friends, relation, or anyone else. That is why the popularity of internet is increasing day by day.

Now I am going to tell you some interesting facts related to Internet and Blogging. With this you will get to know some unknown things and your interest on the Internet will increase even more.

  1. The first tweet on Twitter was by Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006.
  2. The first video was uploaded to YouTube on April 23, 2005, the name of this video was “Me at the zoo,” and this video was uploaded by Zawed Karim.
  3. There are about 500 million tweets on Twitter every day.
  4. According to today’s date, the internet has become 10203 days old today. For today’s update howoldistheinter.net Visit on
  5. The first mail through the Internet was sent by Ray Tomlinson to himself in 1971.
  6. The first registered domain name on the Internet was symbolics.com.
  7. About 37% of porn sites are currently available on the Internet.
  8. There are currently 250 million users available in Twitter.
  9. Every second 24,00,000 mails are made on the Internet.
  10. Every second 2,50,000 messages are done on Whatsapp.
  11. 100,000 videos are watched on YouTube every second.
  12. Every second 60,000 searches are done on Google.
  13. More than 2000 photos are uploaded to Instagram every second.
  14. Every day 30000 sites are hacked on the Internet.
  15. In China, people use the Internet more from mobile than personal computer.
  16. People with bad internet addiction are treated in China and it is called mental disease there.
  17. Around 40% of the people in the whole world do internet.
  18. There is 27,000 GB of traffic on the Internet every second.
  19. According to the last 3 years ago, there has been an increase of 30% Blogger.
  20. In 1999, there were only 23 Blogs on the Internet, whereas there are about 1.6 Billion Blogs now.
  21. There are 1.6 billion blogs on the Internet right now and 60 million blogs are on WordPress only.
  22. 60% of blogs on the Internet are currently in English language.
  23. There are 80 languages ​​in the Internet and there are blogs in these 80 languages.
  24. One out of every 5 bloggers update daily posts on their blog.
  25. Mostly, if seen, most people visit the blog from 7am to 10am in the morning.
  26. A new blog is created every half second.
  27. There are about 31 million bloggers in America alone.
  28. A professional blogger has to have about 4 blogs.

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