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What Is Domain Name ( how to purchase domain name )

Whenever you search anything on google and go to any site on google, then that site is searched by domain name. And after that it opens, now it may be that this question must be coming in your mind that why any site is searched by domain name. Or what is the work of the domain in the website, after all what is the domain name, first of all let me tell you that if you want to search any website on google, then you can search the same only with the help of the domain name of that website. is . This is a friendly system. With the help of which we can easily give the address of our web pages and web servers to the user, now it will not happen that all of you will not know anything about the domain name, you must have known about some domain like domain. What is name, domain name system kya hota hai etc. Even if you do not know, then no matter what is the domain name, I am going to tell you in Hindi, after reading this post, all the doughts related to the domain will be cleared, so let’s start.

What is domain ( what is domain/ domain kya hai )

(domain name / domain name system , DNSWith the help of domain name, we can easily find any website on the internet, if we talk about any website, then every website has its own IP address. It is like a numerical address. With the help of which we can tell where any website is present in the world of internet. With the help of IP address, it becomes very easy to find websites. If I say in simple language, like his name is very important in finding a person, like ushi, his domain name has a hand in finding a website, like a student has a unique roll no in the collage, with the help of that student. Knowing the identity of the husband. In the same way, with the help of domain, we are able to know the identity of a website, just understand it like this.

Like myfactstore.com , google.com , duniyagajab.com sabhi is a domain name. apki jankari ke liye bta du ki koi bhi website hamesha ek server me save ye store hoti hai or domai us particular site ke server se linked hota hai jiski madad se aap sab kisi bhi site ko on net search karte is so vo asani from apko mil jati is .

types of domain What Is Domain Name

Although there are many types of domains, but some domains are of top level, I will tell you about the same top level domain. top level purchase karni So that you can get good reach on google and your website runs like butter, you must have known that domain name ka matlab kya hota hai.

1) top level domain(TLD)

Top level domain is that part of your website, with the help of which your website can easily rank on google. The domain is the part behind the website’s dot, with the help of which your site gets quick access to google. The domain is very seo friendly. is example of top level domain

1) .com(commercial)
2) .net(network)
3) .org(organization)
4) gov(government)
5) .edu(education)
6) .biz(business)
7) .info(information)

country code top level domain (ccld)

I have motive of this domain desh To represent this domain is named after some country for example

1) .us(unitedstates)
2) .ch(switzerland)
3) .in(india)
4) .ru(russia)
5) .br(brazil)

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subdomain name kya hota hai ( what is subdomain name )

Now you must have come to know about top level domain and you must have also come to know that how domain works, friends subdomain is a part of a domain and you do not have to buy it at all with top level domain. It happens that you just have to convert it to such subdomain myfactstore.com my top level domain Hindi.myfactstore.com top level domain ka ek subdomain hai just you have to make it yourself and it becomes absolutely free of cost

top domain kaha se kharide ( buy top domain )

If you want to make your website, then you have to buy a domain, but keep in mind that your domain should be of top level. After that you can buy the domain according to your cost, some domains give you time for 1 year and 2 years or even more, after the time is over, you have to renew the domain.

top domain provider list

1) bigrock2) com3) godaddy4) namecheap5)Znetlive6)IN7)EWeb guru8)1 and 1

domain naam kaise banaye (What Is Domain Name)

1) First of all, you choose a good name which matches with your niche and try that the domain name is short, this will make it easier for you to remember the name and also for your viewers.

2) Keep such a unique domain name so that everyone can remember it on sight and it can be easy to speak.

3) And when you buy a domain name, there should not be any special symbols used in your domain name such as @, $, – etc.

4) All you have to do is login to the domain provider’s website and select the domain name and fill in the details and lastly you will have to pay online then you will get your domain.