essay on wonders of science

Essay on wonders of science or science is boon or curse, article importance, profit and loss, growing stage of science, slogan, poem (Vigyan ke chamatkar or Wonder Of Science in hindi) [Nibandh, Labh, Hani]

essay on wonders of science

If it is said that today’s era is the age of science, then it will not be wrong. We live in the age of science and technology. Science has given a lot of comfort to human beings, it has made our life very easy. Thanks to science, we have seen such miracles, which could not have been imagined earlier.

What is science (vigyan kya hai) essay on wonders of science

We see the miracle of science around us every day. We cannot imagine our modern life without science. Science has worked in every field of the world. Carrying the gift of science with you all the time.

  • As soon as I wake up in the morning, News of our country and abroad through newspaper It is found, it is the gift of science.
  • Science has given us appliances like TV, Fridge, Fan, AC, Microwave, Gas, without them as if no human can live now.
  • Through science, we now reach from one place to another at the earliest.
  • It is because of science that human beings have won the biggest diseases.

Science has ended the superstition prevailing in the country. Today man does not believe in what he hears, but believes in what he sees with his eyes. Through science, we do not study anything above, but try to reach its bottom.

Advancement of Science in Various Fields

Nothing in the world is untouched by science. Science has done wonders everywhere in medicine, entertainment, transportation, space, everyday things.

In the field of medicine –

Science has reduced human suffering. Science has given eyes to the blind, ears to the deaf, arms and legs to Lule. Science has given a new direction to health and life. Heart transplant, kidney replacement, X-ray, ventilator are like life-giving to the science of medicine. Science has invented such medicines, due to which all diseases, small and big, are cured in a few moments.

transportation – essay on wonders of science

Science has made wonderful machines, through which we humans experience a royal life. Where has science reached in the field of automobiles? Science has shortened the distance. Science has made more than one car, bus, other vehicles. Cars are being made according to every need of man. We cover a distance of thousands of kilometers in a few hours. By plane, we can have breakfast in the morning in India, dinner in Dubai and dinner in any other country. Today one by one bike, scooter has come in the market.

Electricity – essay on wonders of science

Electricity is considered to be the first invention of modern science. It only shed light in our world. Science freed us from the hand of darkness and took us towards the light. TV, player, radio, fan, cooler, everything runs with the help of electricity. Nowadays, many kitchen appliances have also come, due to which women can finish their work easily and in less time.

Communications –

Phone, mobile, laptop, computer, internet are like any gift. Science made the first phone, this phone connected by wire used to connect one house to another. Now is the era of mobile, due to which one person is connected to another. mobile wireless device You can go anywhere with us. These electric devices can connect us to any corner of the world. Through the Internet, we can sit anywhere and talk to anyone by looking at him.

entertainment – essay on wonders of science

Science made TV, video games, play stations. Without TV, no house is called home anymore, as it has become a part of our family. TV our greatest source of entertainment With this, news of the country, abroad, movies, songs can be seen and heard. We can also enjoy live programs through TV, Republic Day, Independence Day Be it programs of India Pakistan or cricket match of India, we can take away all such programs sitting at home.

In the feild of education –

Science has also given a new direction to education. Printing media has become so easy now that thousands of pages can be printed at a time, due to which we can easily get the book book at a low price. Smart class, computer knowledge is the gift of science.

trade and agriculture

Where has science brought agriculture and trade to where it is today? Science made different types of machines, due to which big industries, steel could be made. There are thousands of big factories of everything of our use, from which we get them easily. Science created modern agriculture. Agriculture has become easier by using new fertilizers and equipment. In the era of hi-tech, many facilities are being provided to the farmer.

Nuclear bombs, weapons-

Nuclear energy is another wonderful miracle of science. Atom and hydrogen bomb are created by nuclear energy only. New types of weapons for our country have been invented only with the help of science.

space –

With the help of science today man has reached the entire space. Man has also started dreaming of settling his home in the moon through spaceship. With the help of science, man has also built new houses, which have been successfully established in space today. With the help of these, we also know the condition of the weather, even they give a great indication about the upcoming natural calamity.

Benefits of Science (Vigyan ke labh or science benefits)

Science has given man a new way of living. It has innumerable benefits. Any human being, but without the use of science, he cannot even imagine his life. We feel science around us every moment.

Science a curse/disadvantages

Where there is profit there is loss. Science has proved to be a curse in some fields. It has made man lazy. Now we like to work with the machine without moving our hands and feet, as if we are handicapped. Science has even built a robot, which is a machine that looks like a human, so it will do whatever it wants at its every command. Man has become so much dependent on science that he does not like to walk without it.

  • science atom bomb, have made big guns, rifles, poison gas, weapons, which work not for human interest, but for harm. It was the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Japan, whose compensation is being paid to this day. Its effect can be seen there even today. Bhopal gas tragedy is also the result of a mistake in science, due to which the poisonous gas had killed lakhs of people.
  • Made high speed vehicles, on which humans lose their temper, drive fast, and big accidents happen.
  • We travel abroad by plane, but due to a slight technical fault, it sometimes takes hundreds of people to heaven.
  • Mobile, Internet connected with the outside world But it is bringing distance between people in the house. Children and adults all like to live in the mobile world. Instead of going out to play, children like to play mobile laptops.
  • science all around us pollute the environment have make. The smoke coming out of the big factories industry gets in the air, due to which pollution problem And global warming problem is generated. Apart from this, noise pollution, water pollution, land pollution are also increasing very much.
  • Due to the use of things made by science, a person is getting weak from inside, nowadays heart attack, cancer has become common at a young age.

Can we live without science today?

Ask yourself a question and see, can we live without science today? The answer would be ‘no’. This is also true, because today our life has become very easy because of science and today we are surrounded by science. We cannot move away from science even if we want to. Even if we try, science will not leave us behind. But we know that science will one day be the cause of the end of the whole world, but its use depends on us, so use science in the right way as much as possible and it is better not to make any inventions that harm anyone.

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The creator of science is man, and he is also the one who misuses it. It is in the hands of man how to use it so that the welfare of mankind is there. We should not depend on science, but science should depend on man. Science is crippled without humans. The use of science has increased so much that as the world is sitting on fire, when it becomes a heap of ashes, it is not known.

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