how to remove urls from google search

how to remove urls from google search

There are different ways to remove URLs from Google. But using the wrong method can have a negative effect on SEO.

If you want to remove a URL from Google, in this article, you will learn several different ways to do so.

How to Check URL is Indexed in Google how to remove urls from google search

You can check it easily. just in google search engine site: have to type. It will show the search results and tell you whether a page is indexed or not.

You Google Search Console in Index Coverage report You can also check Index URLs by using .

The Coverage section reports which pages on your site are indexed in Google. It also tells you about errors and warnings that prevent the page from being indexed.

URL inspection tool allows you to check a specific URL on your website to see how Google search sees that URL. This tool provides information about detailed crawl, index, AMP error, last crawl date etc.

Why Remove URLs from Google

There can be many reasons for removing links from Google search results. But the main reason can be low quality content.

Your low quality content website SEO and negatively affects the ranking. If your website or blog has a large number of pages that are indexed, then your website will lose ranking in Google search.

How to Remove URLs from Google

There are two main ways to remove any link from Google. But there are also ways you can extract a URL which I will cover.

Remove URLs Using Google Search Console

It is very easy to remove URLs from Google using the Removals tool of Google Search Console. This tool blocks you page from being indexed in Google search results.

Login to your Google Search Console account and then Removals Click on In this page, you will see:

  • Temporary Removal Requests
  • Outdated Content
  • SafeSearch Filtering

bus Temporary Removal Requests Click on anymore New Request Click on

An input field will appear. Now you have to enter the URL and click on Next.

This will confirm to you: Remove URL?… All you need to do is SUBMIT REQUEST have to click on.

Give it a day or two and then your URL will be removed from Google. But this method removes the URL from Google search for six months.

Remove URLs Using Noindex Robots Meta Tags

If you are a WordPress user and Yoast SEO plugin you can easily remove your URL from Google.

Go to your post editor then go to Yoast SEO section and click on Advanced option.

anymore “Allow search engines to show this post in search results?” from drop-down option , No, Select. Can give screenshot below.

Now your URL will be removed from Google search. But it will take some time.

Delete URL

The URL you want to delete from Google, you can simply delete it from your site.

When the URL displays a 404 (not found) or 410 (gone) error, the page will be removed from the index after re-crawling.

If the page you remove from Google has traffic and inbound links that provide SEO value, then definitely set a 301 redirect.

Use Canonical Tags

It is used to avoid duplicate content. If the pages are duplicate or very similar, you should set a Canonical tag (rel=”canonical”). But when the pages are very different, the Canonical Tag can be ignored.

How to Remove Entire Website from Google

If your site is on WordPress and want to remove the entire website from Google, then WordPress dashboard >> Settings >> Reading Go to andDiscourage search engines from indexing this site” check the box.

You… Yourself Robots.txt file By adding this code to the search engine, you can prevent the bot from being crawled.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

How To Remove URLs From A Site If You Don’t Own It

If someone has copied your content, you can Copyright Removal tool You can use. It requests to remove any copyrighted content from Google.

last thought how to remove urls from google search

As you have seen there are many options to remove URL from Google index.

But if you want to permanently remove URLs from Google search, then noindex tag is the best way to do so.

If you have any question, do let me know in the comment box. And now it’s your turn! If this article has been helpful to you, don’t forget to share it!

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