how to incress internet speed

how to incress internet speed friends today we will know Internet Ki Speed How to increase Nowadays everyone wants super fast internet speed. Even after the era of 4G, sometimes we do not get internet at high speed. Because of which internet provider companies get angry.

Friends, internet has become an integral part of our life today. Life without internet seems scary. Internet has also become the center of education to entertainment and business. so when internet speed If it slows down then we people INTERNET KI SPEED BADHANE KA TARIKA want to know.

But guys do you know sometimes slow internet speed problem There may be some other reasons behind which we can solve our mobile or computer But the speed of internet can be increased.

So let’s know the reasons and measures by which we want any network jio be it airtel, vodafone its internet speed can increase.

how to incress internet speed

Friends, as already told that there can be many reasons for slowing down of internet speed, the main reason being that our mobile becomes SLOW. Due to slow mobile speed, there is Cache Files, Background Apps, Useless Apps, Ram and Internal Memory.

By doing the measures I am going to tell you to increase internet speed, you can increase internet speed in your mobile.

Increase Internet Speed ​​by Clearing Cache Files:

Friends, in order to use the internet, we use Google Use Chrome, Firefox, Uc Browser or Safari browser. Many times it happens when we open our browser then it does not perform properly.

ie which website We open it, it does not open properly. One reason for this is cache files. While using any browser you keep deleting its cache files from time to time, your browser will not take much time to load and the website will also open fast.

by which your mobile or laptop Of Internet The speed will increase and you will be able to enjoy fast internet speed.

By closing background apps:

Background Apps are pre-loaded applications that run in the background of your mobile and you do not even know. Many of these apps are also such that use the internet so that internet speed It slows down.

These apps run in the background of the mobile, so we do not even know about which app is using the internet. These types of apps not only use the internet but also suck the phone memory.

It would be better to close this type of app by going to the mobile’s settings, this will increase the Internet Ki Speed ​​of your mobile and will also make a difference on your mobile performance.

Uninstall Unused Apps & Widgets:

Friends, all of us use many Android apps for entertainment or for work and sometimes even without work, we install the app in mobile and later forget to delete them.

This happens because many useless apps in mobile use the phone memory unnecessarily. First of all, delete or uninstall such a non-working app, this will increase the space of the mobile as well as increase the speed of mobile internet.

Keep RAM and Internal Memory clean:

Friends, the most important part of any mobile is its Ram and Internal Memory. Both these things work to give fast access to the mobile. The more free the RAM and Internal Memory of your mobile, the faster the process will be.

That’s why in your mobile useless things like useless images, pictures, moviesDo not save apps, etc. unnecessarily, keep deleting them from time to time. The more free RAM and internal memory, the more will be the speed of the internet along with the mobile.

Use Performance-Booster Apps to:

Performance-Booster Apps are apps that delete unnecessary things and duplicate files. They help to keep the phone in optimal condition. There are many apps that work as Performance-Booster. Here I am telling you about three such apps.

Clean master: This app includes both phone booster and antivirus. This includes junk files as well as notifications and Virus Due to which the performance of the phone increases and the internet speed also gets boosted.

Systweak Android Cleaner: It cleans and organizes your phone and can also reduce battery consumption.

DU Speed ​​Booster: of your phone RAM and frees it from any background app activity. It can scan your phone for any junk that you can remove with a single click.

Increase Internet Speed ​​Using Ad Blocker:

Ads appearing on any website use mobile data with a lot of resources. Because of which some websites take time to open. Because of which sometimes we feel that the Internet speed is slow.

It’s hard to find a good free ad blocker on Android. but one Ad Blocker web browser that will keep your web pages ad-free. You can find AdBlock browser in the Google Play store.

Check Network Settings:

If your net is constantly disturbing you may need to check the network settings. Go to the phone’s settings and search for mobile network settings. You need to make sure that your phone is connected to the correct type of network.

Some phones have an option to select an automatic network, so that your phone selects the available ones. for example you 4g sim and you go out somewhere in that area there is no VoLTE ie 4G network, in this case your internet will be connected to the available network.

Suppose 3G network is available in that area then your internet will run at 3G speed. So it would be better to check your network settings.

Make changes in Browser Settings:

Friends really your area has slow internet due to some reason and you fast web browsing If you want to do this, you can hide the images by going to the settings of the browser in the settings. This will not load the images of the page being loaded on the website and the web page will open very fast.

The settings are different in every browser. That’s why you check your browser’s settings properly, you will get the option to hide images.


Friends Internet ki speed kaise badhaye You can also tell us in the comments how the information given in the blog proved to be effective in increasing the speed of internet for you.

I hope this article must have helped you in increasing the speed of internet. I am like this for you and will keep on bringing more information in simple language.

If you have any suggestion or any question in your mind, you can ask us in the comments. If you have any question in your mind regarding any new information, then you can also ask your question. till then

how to incress internet speed