what is Internet of things | what is IOT

what is Internet of things  Friends, today I am going to tell you about such an advanced technology, about which you will be surprised to know. The name of this technology is Internet of things ie IOT. Now you must be thinking what is it that is surprising in this technology.

Let’s understand with a small example how it will feel when you go to park your car in the garage and the garage security camera opens your garage shutter as soon as it sees your car and the garage lights automatically turn on. The security camera in your garage turns off the lights and locks the garage as soon as you step out and park the car. It is not surprising that everything is feeling like a Hollywood movie, yes, in today’s time everything has become possible and it is possible through Internet of things i.e. IOT.

friends internet and computer It has become a very big part of the technological age, nowadays everyone has a smartphone and internet, which is not going to be used less. The definition of technology is not limited to smartphones, TVs, smartwatches, it has been replaced by IoT, so let’s know what is Internet of Things.

what is Internet of things

The full form of IOT is Internet of things. The Internet of Things is a type of networking that connects all the gadgets and electronic devices you use to each other. If understood in simple language, IOT is such a concept in which we can get any work done by connecting all the devices which run on and off switch through internet. Just like a device gives commands to other devices present in your home, kitchen etc., in this way, by linking one device with the Internet, the rest of the devices can do whatever they want.

In another language, IoT encourages communication between devices, also known as machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. Because of this, physical devices are able to stay connected. It is available with complete transparency, less inefficiencies and greater quality and accuracy.

In IoT, electronic devices connected to the Internet can do some work ahead of time through the Internet, it is also being called non-screen computing in the world of technology, so that these devices can think like a computer. but in computer Like there is no screen.

How Internet of Things Works

Friends, you can take help of many ways from the Internet of Things, it can also take care of you and you can get a lot of work in difficult times.

For example, let’s say you are sleeping on your bed and suddenly the smart watch with hand sensor finds something unusual in your hard rate, then this device starts vibrating loudly instead of lifting you slowly so that your attention is focused on it. To be attracted towards you so that your sleep is broken. You do not understand what is happening to you, you look at your phone, on whose screen you get a message saying that your blood pressure is high and at the same time advising you to take an aspirin. Not only this, he records all the signals and sends them to your doctor where the data is checked and electronically sent to the emergency medical team at your address. Due to which you are given medical treatment at the appropriate time, so that any disease gets treated before it becomes serious.

Internet Invention of Things: what is Internet of things

In 1982, researchers in a lab at Carnegie Mellon University connected the Coke machine to the Internet, or the machine was able to count the number of bottles of beverage placed inside and measure its temperature. It was the first internet connected device in itself.

The term IoT was first coined by P&G, later by Kevin Aston at the MIT Auto ID Center in 1999. The research article that talked about IoT was first presented in June 2002 at the Nordic Researchers’ Conference in Norway. Which was very much discussed in the year 2008-09.

Which devices can connect to IOT:

like friends Internet of things In the topic of kya hai it was told that any device which can be turned on and off and has connectivity facility can connect to IOT.

With the help of Internet of Things, you can do Security, Gardening, Music, Automobile, Fridge, AC, TV, Smart Watch, Smart Sensored Watch, Security camera Countless devices like etc., which have connectivity facility available and they are on-off, then by connecting them to the Internet of Things, you can get many things done.

Characteristics of Internet of Things:

When we know about the characteristics of the Internet of Things, we come to know that it is based on many things. Which provides the qualities to understand its working.

Intelligence :

IoT comes with a combination of algorithms and calculations, software and hardware. Which makes it smart and intelligent. IoT consists of comprehensive intelligence that enhances its capabilities that facilitate things to respond intelligently to a particular situation and support them in accomplishing specific tasks.


Connectivity enables network accessibility and compatibility. The devices are connected using sensors which Internet communicate using . If industry machines are connected to a central server, then these machines are connected to the central server because of connectivity. Server Keeps sending data to. Due to this connectivity, the demand for smart devices in the market is increasing very fast.


Meaning of Sensing Sense means the ability to understand, in the same way, Sensing is a quality of Internet of Things (IOT). Through any smart device, we can measure the temperature of any object, measure the heart rate, count the objects from the image, all this sensing is what makes it smarter now.


to IoT devices health data As sensitive information may need to be transmitted further, data security becomes critical.

How to manage multiple devices at once?

Friends, here we may have a small confusion in our mind, how with the help of Internet of thanks we can manage many devices at the same time, friends, you probably know that each device which has connectivity facility has an IP address. (Internet Protocol address) is also there when we operate a particular device through Internet of Things, it connects to that device to which we send commands. For example we want to operate our ac and we want to operate our AP ip address Now when we send commands to such AC, the commands sent on AC connect to its IP address and operate it.

Advantages of Internet of Things:

  1. A technology that can do many things for us in our run-of-the-mill life at our behest, then it is only a matter of benefit. Before reaching home from our office, turn on an AC in our room so that when we go to our room, it has cooled down.

2. There are many such examples which can reduce the difficulties of our daily life with the help of internet of things. Suppose you go to the office and forget to turn off your TV, in such a situation, with the help of the sirk command, you can turn off the TV running in your house sitting in the office.

3. It can save your time and money as well as do many of your tasks at once.

4. IoT services are associated with sensors and video cameras. Equipment helps in monitoring the workplace to ensure safety and protect against physical hazards. Coordinates multiple teams to solve IoT connectivity problems quickly.

5. Productivity plays a vital role in the profitability of any business. IoT provides timely training for employees, improves labor efficiency, and reduces skill mismatch while increasing organizational productivity.

6. IoT opens the door to new business opportunities and helps companies benefit from new revenue streams developed by advanced business models and services. IoT-powered innovations build strong business cases, reduce time to market and increase return on investment.

Disadvantages of Internet of Things:

If we talk about loss, then every coin has two sides. If any technology has some advantages then also disadvantages. Till date no such invention has been made which has only done profit and not harm. So let’s also know about the disadvantages of IoT.

Security: The biggest disadvantage of this technology is about security, most of the crimes are happening through the Internet and IoT is connected to the Internet itself. virus There can be an attack of .. hackers can misuse your personal information and can also cause you financial loss.

privacy: The IoT system provides a substantial amount of personal data even without the user’s active participation. In such a situation, security becomes a big issue.

Complexity: Designing, developing and maintaining the technology for the IoT system is quite complex. For example, both you and your spouse may get a message that milk is over and both of you buy milk.

Examples of Internet of Things devices: what is Internet of things

When you know this much, then let us also know about some such devices which connect to the internet and can make your life easier.

Nest Learning Thermostat:

This is a Thermostat connected to the Internet. It automatically maintains the temperature of your home. It measures the temperature of your home and sets the house temperature to the temperature set by you.

Kolibree Smart Toothbrush:

The Internet of Things is a great example of the Kolibree Smart Toothbrush. Kolibree connects to your smartphone and encourages good brushing habits for both kids and adults. When you turn on this toothbrush, a game starts on your mobile which can be played while brushing. Isn’t it a fun device.

Petnet Smart Pet Feeder:

Petnet Smart Pet Feeder helps you calculate the best type of food for your pet dog or cat, how much they should eat and even pet food delivery when you are out. You can control the smart feeder via your smartphone and monitor your pet’s food consumption even when you are away from home.

conclusion: what is Internet of things

Internet of Things is an early form of Artificial Intelligence which is going to bring very revolutionary changes in the coming times. It can get rid of many parts of our life and at the same time as you know behind every good thing there is an evil hidden or we can also say that the other form of development is destruction in such a situation when development is in its own right. When it reaches its peak, the door of destruction gets closer. Today the environment has become completely unbalanced in the technical part, but it is our compulsion that we have to live according to today’s era. And what will be the future, it is only the future to know that your work is only to give information.

I hope friends, you must have liked the information about Internet of things (IOT) kya hai by me. I will keep coming up with such interesting information. Jai Hind Jai Bharat