What is Featured Snippet? And how does it work?

What is Featured Snippet In this article, we will get to know about what is a feature snippet and how it works. When you search any one in google’s search engine query search If you do, you must have seen at some time that the result is shown in some text, or image, or bullet points with the heading and by clicking on the result below that you read the content. So let’s know in detail featured snippet What happens?

What is Featured Snippet?

Featured snippet There is an organic result of a method that is shown on the first page of Google and the heading in the first position with text, image, or bullet points. Featured Snippet is not made on every keyword at all, it is made only on those keywords. search engine of google I am being searched the most and which is the important keyword.

Featured Snippet search

Purpose of Featured Snippet ,

The only purpose of Feature Snippet is to get the answer to every query of the user. Whether it is found by staying on the same page or after opening the given website in google.

Google converts the content of the same website into Feature Snippet. Whose data Google finds authentic and trustable. Meaning that the data of the website that publishes the best content comes in the feature snippet.

Why is a Feature Snippet needed?,

Featured snippet is most important for SEO. This helps a lot in SEO.

  • With the help of feature snippet, more clicks are received on the website.
  • The feature snippet is also very helpful for ranking the website and increasing the traffic of the website.
  • With the help of feature snippets, the authority of the website also increases. This is very important.
  • For your information, let us tell you that according to the google search engine, most of the clicks from the website being ranked on the first page are on the website converted to Featured Snippet. According to Google’s Anology, 8 to 10% of clicks happen on the website with the featured snippet.

What is the benefit of feature snippet in future,

The benefits of using a featured snippet in the future are many. Let us know in the points given below.

• If your website is coming in the top 10 but is not in the feature snippet, then you are likely to get only 19% of clicks. But if your website is showing in feature snippet then there are chances of getting full 28% clicks. Meaning that there is a benefit of 9% extra clicks.

• If your website’s posts are in Featured snippet then your website’s ranking also improves a lot.

• Apart from ranking, the featured snippet also helps a lot in increasing the traffic and authority of your blog.

• In the future, you are going to benefit a lot from the featured snippet, due to which both the traffic of your blog and the authority of your blog will increase, with the help of which you can earn good money.

How to display your blog post in feature snippet,

If Google is not bringing your blog post in the featured snippet. So you follow the steps given below, after that google your blog’s pages as well. featured snippet I will definitely bring it.

  • Whenever you write an article on a keyword, always keep in mind that you have to answer the keyword within 100 to 150 words and use that keyword twice in that particular paragraph.
  • The keyword you are working on, try that you must give your answer through bullet points and numbers as well. By doing this, Google will definitely bring your pages in the feature snippet in the search result.
  • Try that you work on low competitive keywords, in which your website will rank fast within the search engine of google. Because the sooner you rank, the sooner the feature will turn into a snippet.

Types of Feature snippets,

Featured snippets are generally of four types, let us know which are they –

  • Paragraph Snippet:-The result in Paragraph Snippet always comes in the form of a paragraph. Like what is SEO? So google will search its answer inside the website and will pick up its main lines and put them in the featured snippet.
  • List Snippet:-In List Snippet the result is always shown in a list. Like you wrote an article and answered it step by step. So Google shows it in front of the user in the form of a list.
  • Table Snippet
  • Videos Snippet


In today’s article we have told you What is a Featured snippet and how it works Information about it is given in detail. we hope so You must have liked this article of ours and you will understand that what is the featured snippet And How can we take advantage of the featured snippet? If you liked it then do share it.


Q1- Will the Featured snippet be useful in the future?

Ans1- Yes, of course it will.

Q2- How many percent of clicks are done by the user on the Featured Snippet website?

Q3- Is Featured snippet necessary for SEO?

Ans3- Yes, it is very important.

What is Featured Snippet?

A featured snippet is an organic result that appears on Google’s first page and first position with headings with text, image, or bullet points. Featured Snippet is not made on every keyword at all, it is made only on those keywords which are being searched the most in google’s search engine and which are important keywords.

What is Featured Snippet