WordPress.com Serious Blogger Ke Liye Bekar Kyu Hai? 8 Reasons

Hi Bloggers, nowadays many people are making their own blog on wordpress.com. If you want to do blogging seriously then this perfect platform is useless for you. After reading this post you will understand that this is not the perfect platform for a serious blogger.

There are many ways to earn money online but “Blogging” is one of the most popular and good ways. With this, you can earn a lot along with making your mark on the internet. Right now a lot of people make blogs and write articles in it and earn lakhs from it. If you also want to earn money then “Blogging” is a very good way for you.

There are many free platforms to create a blog, where you can create your own blog for free. One of them is wordpress.com as well. You must have also heard about it that you can create your own free blog in it. If you also want to make a blog in this, then wait for some time and read this article completely, after that you take a decision.

We have written a post before, in which we have told about the shortcomings of wordpress.com. In this post, we are going to tell you that if you want to start blogging seriously then why is it not good for you. So if you have not created your own blog yet, then read it carefully so that you can be a successful blogger in less time by taking good decisions in the initial days itself.

1) Less Choice of Themes:

WordPress only offers you limited themes in the free plan, which you can use to design your blog. Meta are added in almost all of its themes, which makes the look of the site more useless. In this, you can never use the theme by downloading or buying from outside. In this, you cannot even use the themes of Elegant Themes, Studio press, Woo themes. In this you will get limited themes and you will have to use them only.

2) No E-mail Hosting Service Provided by WordPress:

If you go to many sites, you must have seen that there are domain based emails in it. (such as [email protected]) This shows the uniqueness of our site. If you are making your blog for blogging then it is very important for you. In this you do not get email hosting service. However, you can also buy a custom domain by purchasing its paid plan, but still you will not be able to create a custom email.

3) Some Additional Purchases Required:

I think the wordpress team has made it only for doing business. Free plan has been given in this so that people get stuck in it and use it. Because the requirement of a blogger cannot be fulfilled with the free plan. Meaning that if you use the free plan then you will get limited control and access. Due to which you will not be able to manage your blog properly. First, you somehow created a blog under its delusion, then later you will have to purchase a paid plan, only then you will get a little more control and access. You may have to regret a lot later in this. Because the amount you have to pay monthly in its paid plan, you will make a self-hosted WordPress site and you will not get access to it as much as wordpress.org.

4) No Customized Plugins:

A plugin gives you the power to design, control, access, customize and much more your blog. When you use wordpress.com, you will not be able to use the customize plugin. There may be some inbuild plugin in it but you cannot install plugin from anywhere in it. In this, you can not easily customize your blog with the help of plugin and you cannot improve the performance of your site.

5) You Cannot Change the Structure of Themes:

WordPress does not allow you to customize the widget. That means, you cannot design the site according to the needs and requirements of your website. You cannot design the site according to your needs and requirements. You will not even be able to customize the theme. There is also no theme editor panel in it, so that you will be able to customize and improve your theme.

6) Harsh Terms of Service:

As I told you earlier that I had created my blog in wordpress.com before this blog. In which I worked for a year but one day my blog was suspended due to some reason. One year of my hard work wasted and then I thought that this is definitely not a good platform for a serious blogger.

7) Do not Support Affiliated Links:

If you also want to make money by making your own blog and doing affiliate marking in it, then after creating a blog on it, your dream will not come true. Because it does not allow to add affiliate link. You must have also seen many professional bloggers that their main income source is “Affiliate”. There is no doubt that by doing affiliate marking, we can earn many times more than advertising.

8) Can’t Use Third-party Advertising Networks:

Many people have a dream that they earn money by showing adsense ads on their blog. If you are also making your blog for this then this is not the right place for you. You can only show WordPress ads in WordPress.com’s blog. You will not show ads in this, yet you will see them. If you want to keep your blog ad free, then you have to pay $ 20 / year for this.

Final Thoughts,
You are making a big mistake by creating a blog in WordPress.com. Your blog can shut down at any time and all your hard work will go into the water. So if you want to earn money by blogging or want to become a good blogger then this is not the right platform for you. After reading the above points, you must have come to know and you will also be able to take a good decision.

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